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General Information about Gerorgia

Georgia is Located in the Caucasus, between Europe and Asia, at Eastern coast of the Black Sea. The area is 69.700 sq. metre. The neighbours are: To the North Russia, South - Turkey and Armenia, South-East - Azerbaijan.

Capital___________________ Tbilisi
Religion __________________Christian (orthodox)
Official Language __________Georgian
Area _____________________69, 700 km2
Population________________4.630 841
Currency__________________ (GEL)
Time zone_________________ CET +04:00
Counrty Code _____________GEO
Telephone Code___________ + 995 (+995 32 Tbilisi)
Intrenet TLD______________ .ge

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Georgia is a country with a great history, culture and traditions. It is located in the Caucasus between Europe and Asia. It’s climate is continental-subtropical, warm and pleasant. Average summer temperature is +250C and winter temperature is +30C.
There is a lot of natural sightseeing in Georgia: mountains, glaciers, seas, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, ravines and caves.
Our country is characterized by rich relief, variety of climactic zones, unique species of woods, underground thermal waters andtherapeutic mud-baths. The country is rich with balneo-therapeutic health resorts; there are 200 kinds of mineral waters with different chemical consent and therapeutic purposes.
In Georgia it is developed the sea and mountain tourism according to the geographic location, the sea and mountain resorts are characterized by healthy climate and beautiful nature.
Georgia is known all over the world as ancient hearth of viniculture and vine-growing and producing country of high-quality wines. There are 450 local species of grapes. In Georgia the history of viniculture is about 7000 years old, that is confirmed by grape pips and wine bottles discovered by archeological finds.
Various and distinctive Georgian architecture is represented by ancient temples, churches and fortresses. The most of the Georgian monuments are enlisted into the UNESCO cultural heritage.
The creation of the Georgian alphabet is related with antique period (the 3rd century of Christian era), and the Georgian alphabet is among 14 alphabets of the world. The country has rich literary traditions. The poem of the greatest Georgian poet, Shota Rustaveli “Knight in the Tiger’s Skin” is a part of the world literary treasure and is translated into 44 languages.
Georgian folklore and passionate dance is a unique phenomenon. It is acknowledged by UNESCO as “a masterpiece of humanity folklore and not of human hand making treasure”. Georgian multi-voices song “Chakrulo” is one of the world folklore songs, which became the message of the humanity into the space among the other achievements all over the world.
Georgia is considered as a homeland of the first Europeans, there was discovered the signs of the ancient European – scull of 1,8 million years old.
The traditions of the Georgian feast are known all over the world. Many foreign guests were charmed by our hospitality and free-handed reception.
Georgian traditional kitchen is characterized by originality and the variety of dishes: shashlik, khachapuri, khinkali, satsivi, fishes and souses fascinate the guests.
Since olden times Georgians have been drinking the pure wine. In the 17th century the French traveler, Chardin, wrote about the Georgians: “Nowhere is drunk so much and so aromatic wine as in Georgia”…