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Trip in Kazbegi-Khevsureti-Tusheti

duration : 10 days

1st day- departure from Tbilisi to Kazbegi. On the way to Kazbegi we will see Ananuri castle comlex (17thcentury), past by mountainous health resort  Gudauri, stop by Jvari Pass at mineral water. Then we'll go to a small town - Stepantsminda ( former Kazbegi). In Stepantsminda we will see around Gergeti Sameba (14th century), from where one can see great spectacular of  Kazbegi Peak (5047m from sea level). Also, we'll see  Dariali valley and Sno tower (16thcentury). In the evening we will camp in Juta village (2200m from sea level).
Overnight in camps.

2nd day- foot trip. Depart early. Through beautiful Pass (2940 m. from sea level) we will go to Khevsureti, Abudelauri Lake ( 2800m from sea level); we will see three lakes: White, Blue and Green.The length of the destination is 7-9 km.. Camping Roshka village (2000m. from sea level).  Overnight in camps.

3rd day- moving by transport  to Pirikita Khevsureti through Datvisjvari Pass (2686m from sea level). We will see the  Lebaiskari, Kistani Towers, Shatili Town -Tower (middle centuries), Anatori burial, Mutso village. Camping in Ardoti village (1820m from sea level). 
Overnight in camps.

4th day - foot trip to Atsunta Pass, (1800m from sea level). We go up to 3440 m. from sea level. Camping at the bottom of Atsunta mountain. 
Overnight in camps.

5th day- foot trip; moving from Atsunda Pass to Tusheti. Camping at rangers places. 
Overnight in camps.

6th day - foot trip, seeing the beautiful villages of  Pirikita Tusheti: old village Chontio, Girevi, Parsma. Camping in Dartlo village. 
Overnight in camps (a hotel is possible as well).

7th day - is day free. One can visit nearby villages: Dano, Kvavlo. Overnight in camps (a hotel is possible as well).

8th day - car trip in Gometsri Valley. We will see the beautifull villages: Begela, Doju, Jvarboseli and Ilurta. Camping in Jvarbiseli village. Stay at night in camps (a hotel is possible as well).

9th day - car trip. We will see Shenako monastery and   Keselo towers in Omalo ( middle centuries). Camping in Omalo (1880m from sea level). Overnight  in camps (a hotel is possible as well).

10th day - return  Tbilisi. On the way to Tbilisi we will see Thermal bathes at Abano Pass; Alaverdi cathedral church (11thcentury) in Kakheti; Old (5th century) and New (16th century) Shuamta at Gombori Pass; remains of Ujarma town –tower (4th century).